Positive Ways To Preach About Money

Positives In Preaching About Money

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Preaching about money is a challenge, as we’ve seen in the past few posts.  We’ve also seen that there are some pitfalls to avoid when you are dealing with this controversial topic.  There are positive ways to approach the subject of giving, including using humor, as in this cartoon.  In this post we turn from the negatives to the positive.  What are some positive ways to preach about money in your church?

Assume that most believers want to give

teaching people to give

guide to giving

One of the positive ways to preach about money is to assume that your people really do want to give.  Studies in the Unites States show that the believers here don’t give a great deal.  A very small percentage gives a tithe, or 10%.  However, the same kinds of studies indicate that people don’t withhold giving because they are against it.  They really do want to support the work of God in your church and in other aspects of the Kingdom.

What holds people back from giving?  Here’s a list of the kinds of things that keep people from giving:

  • They don’t understand what the Bible teaches about stewardship;
  • People haven’t planned finances well;
  • Spending habits aren’t in alignment with the Word;
  • They have excessive debt.

When you preach on giving, make your presentation positive, assuming that these obstacles to giving can be overcome, and you will be more effective.

Emphasize the great giving truths in the Bible

Another of the positive ways to preach about money is to emphasize the great giving themes in the Bible rather than your financial need.  Some of those themes would be:

  • The truth that God owns everything;
  • We are stewards of what God has graciously given to us;
  • Tithing is a good place to start with our giving;
  • When we give, God promises to respond with blessing;
  • Giving is an outcome of our trust in God to take care of us;
  • We need to live below our means.

Imagine if everyone in our church understood all of those truths!  The giving in your church would be revolutionized.

Tell Stories About Generous Givers

God does bless us when we decide to give.  Ask your people for stories about their giving.  When the church that I pastored in Southern California decided to relocate, we had to ask for money–a lot of it.  I asked for stories to share with the congregation, and the people responded with miraculous accounts of God’s blessings.  One man shared that he made a pledge to give, and had no way of knowing how he was going to be able to pay it, because the amount was a stretch for him.  The day after he turned in his pledge, a new customer came into his business, and offered to pay the exact amount of the pledge for services to be rendered.

Another shared how, when she gave, God gave back the exact amount given through an unexpected tax refund.

God does these kinds of things.  Of course, God’s blessings aren’t always financial.  Have people share the joy that they have experienced in their giving as they have met needs, blessed people, encouraged ministries, and expanded the Kingdom.

Teach Sound Financial Principles

Learning about giving isn’t only so the church can prosper, it also allows the person to prosper.  Great things will happen in the lives of people when they understand The following principles:

  1. They should fund their family obligations first.  In other words, their first obligation is to provide food and shelter to their family.
  2. People must also understand that they have an obligation, biblically, to give to the church to support those who teach the Word of God, and to help the poor in the church.
  3. Disciples should also investigate sound ministries that are spreading the gospel, helping the poor, and preparing people for ministry.
  4. Everyone should live within their means.
  5. Saving for emergencies is just smart.

So these are some positive ways to preach about money in your church.  The next post will be my last in this series on preaching about money, and we’ll consider some sermon series that you might consider preaching.

In the meantime, here is a sermon by Robert Morris, someone who wrote a book called, The Blessed Life, and preaches regularly on money, but does it in a positive way.  It’s a full sermon, so sit back and enjoy.


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