The Need for Security in a Pandemic

The Need for Security in a Pandemic

In the last post we began looking at how to preach in a pandemic.  Today we look at this fact: there is a need for security in a pandemic for most people.  Let me explain.

Why Conservative Churches Are Growing

book by Dean KelleyIn the early 1970’s a sociologist named Dean Kelley was asked by mainline churches to investigate why conservative churches were growing while their churches were declining.  His report became a book, published in 1972, titled, Why Conservative Churches Are Growing.  You can find the book at this link.

He said that the 1960’s in the United States was a time of great societal upheaval.  During such a time people look to their religion to give them a sense of security and hope.  And when the more liberal churches were trying to attract members by requiring less, the conservative churches were requiring strict adherence to their doctrines and practice.

In other words, the conservative churches spoke to the need for security in a time of upheaval.

Some Evidence of the Need for Security in a Pandemic

In 1964, the largest ever earthquake to hit North America struck in Alaska.  It was a temblor that ranked at 9.2 on

picture of the alaskan earthquake

Alaska Earthquake

the Richter scale, and was so strong that it was felt in the Space Needle in Seattle, 1500 miles away.  There was an incredible amount of destruction in the State, with whole villages destroyed.

After the earthquake, a tsunami, caused by the earthquake, hit the coast of Alaska, increasing the death toll and expanding the destruction.  The tallest wave to hit was 219 feet high.

One of the results of the earthquake is that people went to church.  For six months, the attendance soared in the country.

picture of the Twin Towers

Twin Towers on 9-11

The same thing happened in the aftermath of the attacks on the twin towers in New York City on 9-11-01.  Churches reported a huge increase in attendance.  Why?  People felt the need for some sense of security, and the idea that God was in charge.  Unfortunately, the increase in attendance only lasted for about 6 weeks in the case of 9-11, whereas in Alaska it was six months.

And Now the Pandemic

People are shook up during this world-wide pandemic, as you likely have noticed.  Do you see the need for security in a pandemic in the history above?  People are tuning in to church services on-line now in great numbers, to hear a message that God is in control, and that He will be at work in spite of all the challenges that are being faced in the world.

Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm.  Nothing is too hard for you!   Jeremiah 32:17

Preaching In A Pandemic

This is one aspect of preaching in a pandemic: we bring hope that God is able to act, and will act on behalf of his people.  As you plan your preaching, know that God will bring an end to this and that he will fulfill his promises to his people.  Preach to the need for security in a pandemic and it will be a help to God’s people, and God will be praised.