Acts 2:17     “‘In the last days, God says,

I will pour out my Spirit on all people.

Your sons and daughters will prophesy,

your young men will see visions,

your old men will dream dreams. 

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Longing for Intimacy as a Motivation

Longing for Intimacy as a Motivation So the need for approval and the desire for validation are wrong motivations for entering upon a preaching ministry.  Longing for intimacy as a  motivation for preaching is also a wrong.  We’re going to explore that in this post. Explanation of a Longing for Intimacy I had been in […]

Another Wrong Motive for Preaching

Another Wrong Motive for Preaching In the last post we considered how some preachers need approval, and one of the ways they try to get it is to choose a public kind of work, like preaching, where people will tell them how good they are.  That’s a wrong motive for preaching.  Another wrong motive for […]

A Wrong Motivation for Preaching

A Wrong Motivation For Being A Preacher Two times in my years of active ministry I had six or more months away from the pulpit.  One time it was for a study leave, so that I could research what became a book on the revival periods in the United States.  The other time, I was […]

Three More Ways To Spiritual Renewal

Three More Ways To Spiritual Renewal In the last two posts we explored the following pathways to spiritual renewal: worship; engaging in creation; serving; and engaging people.  This post will focus on three more ways to spiritual renewal for the preacher and for anyone else. The Intellectual Pathway to Spiritual Renewal Some people experience great […]

Renewing Spiritual Energy

Renewing Spiritual Energy Through Worship and Serving In the last post we considered how to renew your spiritual energy through being with people and through creation.  In this post we will explore how to go about renewing spiritual energy through worship and serving people. The Worship Pathway to Renewal There are seasons when ministry drains […]