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Search For the Right Illustration

    Searchfor the Right Illustration In the last post, we looked at the fact that illustrations open windows for listeners.  In this post, and the ones that follow, we will to learn how to search for the right illustration when you prepare your messages. As a reminder, we are exploring the TULIP of good […]

Illustrations Open Windows For Listeners

To Illustrate or Not to Illustrate One of the secrets to good preaching is knowing when and how to use illustrations.  Illustrations open windows on your subject, and serve to “hook” your audience.  The pastor of my teens prided himself on never using a gesture or an illustration.  He explained his theory to a group […]

Clarity Helps Hearers Stay Tuned In

Clarity Helps Hearers Stay Tuned In We’ve looked already that effective sermons are Therapeutic, that is, that they are geared to address peoples’ felt needs.  We’ve also discussed that people will tune into your preaching more effectively if you do something unconventional, or attention getting.  In this post we turn to the topic of clarity, […]

Unconventional Preaching Hooks People

Get And Hold People’s Attention One of the secrets to memorable preaching is that unconventional preaching hooks people into your subject.   Think about it: today the attention span of your average listener has been molded by the media.  In a typical television show, images are changed every 3 to 7 seconds.  When you preach, […]

Good Preaching Attracts Hearers

The Talker-Hearer Disconnect One of the secrets I’ve learned over the years is that people will tune in to good preaching and tune out boring preaching. Back in 1989 I had the privilege of attending the Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization in Manila, the Philippines.  The messages were stirring, powerful.  The seminar speakers spoke powerfully. […]

Preaching Positive Words

Positive Words Have Greater Power Than Negative Ones In my last post I noted that words are important.  Words, empowered by the Holy Spirit, change lives.   It is obvious, I believe, that preaching positive words has a greater impact than preaching negative ones.  View this short video about Thomas Edison. The point is, of […]