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Television Is King

Television Is King In the last post on this website I introduced the topic of what we can learn from television that can help our preaching.  Stop preaching and start communicating was our theme.  In this post we continue this subject by looking at the fact that television is king in the communication world today. […]

Preaching to Everyone in the Congregation

Preaching to Everyone in the Congregation In the last post we began looking at the challenge of preaching to everyone in the congregation that is varied by education, by ethnicity, by age, by financial situation, etc.  How do you do that?  I suggested in the last post that we can preach to everyone in particular […]

Preaching to Everyone In Particular

Preaching to Everyone In Particular One of the greatest challenges I faced in preaching was to relate to my entire audience, or, as the title of this post describes, “preaching to everyone in particular”. In the last congregation I served, Covenant Life Church in Grand Haven, MI, there were doctors, Phd’s, teachers, businessmen and lawyers.  There […]

The Preacher as Informer

The Preacher as Informer, Mystic, and Shepherd In the last post I began the process of what I called “exegeting the preacher”.  In other words, how does the character of the preacher impact how people hear what is said?  We also saw in the last post that hearers expect the preacher to be a person […]

Positive Ways To Preach About Money

Positives In Preaching About Money Preaching about money is a challenge, as we’ve seen in the past few posts.  We’ve also seen that there are some pitfalls to avoid when you are dealing with this controversial topic.  There are positive ways to approach the subject of giving, including using humor, as in this cartoon.  In […]