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Preaching is Better Than Teaching

Preaching Is Better than Teaching In the last post, I began this series of reflections on the question, What Kind of Preacher Are You?  We recognized that there is not necessarily a “right” kind of preacher.  Of course, I’m referring to style, not content.  When it comes to content, there is a “right” kind of […]

What Kind of Preacher Are You?

What Kind of Preacher Are You? What kind of preacher area you?  That’s a question that has many possible answers, I suspect.  Let me give you some context for the question. I had a friend who was a pastor in a largely African-American Church.  Once, as we met for coffee, he made this offer to […]

The Worst Sermon

The Worst Sermon In the last post I shared about how I learned to look at the big picture in preaching.  I recently engaged in a class to improve preaching.  The discussion among those who were part of the class made me remember the worst sermon I ever preached.  It was, without a doubt, awful, […]

Seeing the Big Picture

See the Big Picture In the last several posts we’ve been looking at what to do when things go wrong in the worship service.  Here’s a link to the first post in that series.  Today we’re going to explore how to see the big picture in your preaching. This past week I read some missionary […]

When Your Main Point Isn’t

When Your Main Point Isn’t We have been looking at some stories of when things went wrong in the preaching context, and then trying to come up with a plan for meeting these challenges.  This is part of a series, and you can connect with the first one through this link.  In today’s post I […]

Preaching When Someone Makes a Scene

Preaching When Someone Makes A Scene How do you go about preaching when someone makes a scene in the service?  That’s the theme of this blog.  If you are a regular reader, remember that we are looking at what to do when things go wrong.  This link will give you the first in the series, […]

When Someone Gets Sick

When Someone Gets Sick In The Worship Service This really isn’t a story about funny things happening, but it does give us something to reflect on.  What do you do when someone gets sick during a worship service, or while you are preaching? The Setting It was my very first Sunday at Covenant Life Church […]

When Perceived Disaster Strikes

When Perceived Disaster Strikes In these last couple of posts I’ve been using stories from preachers to illustrate what to do when things go wrong. We’ve looked at what to do with a major mistake in your sermon, as well as what to do if communion goes badly.  Today I want to illustrate something that […]

When Communion Goes Badly

When Communion Goes Badly In the last post I began a series of reflections on what to do when things go wrong with your message or in the worship service.  Most pastors today try to have the various elements of a worship service blend together.  So it affects your sermon if other areas of the […]

When Something Goes Wrong

When Something Goes Wrong Inevitably, there will come a time in your preaching when something will go very wrong,  either in the worship service or in your message.  What do you do then?  For many years I’ve had a practice of asking this question when with a group of preachers: “What’s the funniest thing that […]