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Where Sermons Come From

Where Sermons Come From Where do sermons come from as you prepare to preach?  The easy answer is that they come from God through the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Right?  Or we could say that they come from the Bible.  But if you preach regularly, you know that there are times […]

When The Critics Attack

When the Critics Attack In the last a few posts we have explored some helpful tips to improve preaching.  You can look back at the ideas of keeping your radar on, keeping your bucket handy, and using a marinade for your messages.  In this post, we are going to explore what to do when the […]

Don’t Forget the Marinade

Don’t Forget the Marinade We have been looking at some key tips for more effective preaching.  We’ve looked at the idea of keeping your radar on,  And then we talked about having a bucket of some kind to store ideas for sermons.  In this post, I want to focus on the idea of spending adequate […]

Keep Your Bucket Handy

Keep Your Bucket Handy In the last post I gave one of the great tips for more effective preaching: keep your radar on.  In other words, be aware of those moments around you when God’s movement in a life or in the community is obvious.  This post follows that idea up with the tip to […]

Keep Your Radar On

Keep Your Radar On One of the secrets to effective preaching is simply this: keep your radar on at all times.  The definition of radar is this, according to the  Merriam-Webster Dictionary of the English Language: 1. A system for detecting the presence, direction, distance, and speed of aircraft, ships, and other objects, by sending […]

Dealing With the Preaching Contract

Dealing With The Preaching Contract We’ve been talking in this blog about the agreements that exist between a congregation and the preacher.  You can check this out in the previous posts.  This is sometimes referred to as the preaching contract, and it includes subtle things like the time of the service, the dress of the […]

Don’t Break the Preaching Covenant

Don’t Break the Preaching Covenant In the last post I introduced the idea of the preaching contract, the things that the congregation expects of its preachers.  We saw that these expectations are usually unwritten, but are very real, and are essential for the preacher to understand if he doesn’t want to erect barriers to his message. […]

The Preaching Contract

The Preaching Contract We’ve been looking at the question, “What kind of preacher are you?”  In the last couple of posts, we’ve looked at the difference between preaching and teaching, and saw that according to one definition, preaching is more appreciated by listeners.  In this post I want to continue answer that question by considering […]

Preaching is Better Than Teaching

Preaching Is Better than Teaching In the last post, I began this series of reflections on the question, What Kind of Preacher Are You?  We recognized that there is not necessarily a “right” kind of preacher.  Of course, I’m referring to style, not content.  When it comes to content, there is a “right” kind of […]

What Kind of Preacher Are You?

What Kind of Preacher Are You? What kind of preacher area you?  That’s a question that has many possible answers, I suspect.  Let me give you some context for the question. I had a friend who was a pastor in a largely African-American Church.  Once, as we met for coffee, he made this offer to […]